RGPV / RGTU B.E. FT, 4th (IV) Semester syllabus FT-403 Rescue Equipments and Techniques Revised syllabus Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT)

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
B.E. (FT) Fire Technology and Safety Engineering
FT- 403 Rescue Equipments and Techniques
Revised Syllabus and Scheme of Examination Effective from July 2007

Unit I Hydraulically and pneumatically operated tools and equipments:- Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Cutter, Hydraulic Expander. Air Lifting Bags, Electric Power Tools: - Electric Cutter, Electric Saw, Chain Saw etc.

Unit II Small Gears: - Their types, Applications and working principal
Ladders: - Constructional features, Their types, Material and applications
Ropes: - Their types, material and applications.

Unit III General Introduction- Emergency Rescue Tender, Water Tender, Foam tender, Multipurpose Tender Hydraulic Platform, Turn Table Ladder, Canteen Van and Ambulance;
Fire Extinguishers:- Their types & Applications. Rescue by Ordinary Means:

Unit IV Different types of Knots & Hitches and their applications in emergency
Carries & Drags: - Fireman carry, Two man carry, three man carry, four man carry, chair carry,
stretcher carry and different types of Drags.
Rescue problems and their remedies: -
Rescue from High – rise buildings
Rescue from major disasters – Earthquake, Flood, Drought, Tsunami etc.
Confined Space Rescue
Rescue from Mines
Rescue from Fire incident

Unit V: Respiratory Equipments: -
Respiratory Physiology: - Composition of Air, Breathing, Breathing Rate, Calculation of the capacity & time duration of the B.A.Set. Artificial Respiration and their techniques, Renunciator
B.A. Set: - Their types, Constructional features, Working Principal and Applications.
Gas Masks: - Their types, Constructional features, Working Principal and Applications.

1. The manual of fire ship – 6 – A by HMSO
2. Elementary principles of rescue by Got. Of India, ministry of Home Affairs
3. Rescue Service Manual by HMSO
4. Rescue –Civil defense handbook by HMSO
5. Rescue tender for Airfields by ISI
6. Relevant ISI special appliances and equipments
7. Manual of fireman ship book no. 244

List of Experiments (Pl. expand it): Name of Practical
To study the Introduction of Fire
To study the different types of Extinguishers and its maintenance
To study the Rescue Tender and Foam Tender
To study Personal Protective Equipments
To study different types of Ropes, Knots & Hitches
To study different types of Ladders
To study the Breathing Apparatus
To study about Hand tools & Portable tools

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