RGPV / RGTU B.E. Electronics and Instrumentation EI, 4th (IV) Semester syllabusEI 401 Signals and Systems Revised syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
B.E. (EI) Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering FOURTH IV SEMESTER
EI 401 Signals and Systems
Revised Syllabus and Scheme of Examination Effective from July 2007

UNIT I Representation of signals and systems : Signals and classification of signals, basic continuous-time signals, basic discrete time signals, sampling theorem, systems and classification
of systems, response of a continuous-time LTI system and the convolution integral, properties of
continuous-time LTI systems, Eigen functions of continuous-time LTI systems, systems described by differential equations, response of a discrete-time LTI system and convolution sum, properties of discrete-time LTI systems, Eigen functions of discrete-time LTI systems, Transmission of signals through a LTI system.

UNIT II Fourier Analysis of continuous-time signals and systems :Introduction, Fourier series representation of periodic signals, the Fourier Transform, properties of the continuous-time Fourier Transform, the frequency response of continuous-time LTI systems, filtering, bandwidth.

UNIT III Fourier analysis of discrete-time signals and systems :Introduction, Discrete Fourier Series, the Fourier Transform, properties of the Fourier Transform, the frequency response of discrete-time LTI systems, system response to Sampled continuous-time sinusoids, the Discrete
Fourier Transform.

UNIT IV The Z-Transform :Introduction, the Z-Transform, Relation between Z-Transform and Fourier Transform-Transforms of some common sequences, properties of the Z-Transform, the inverse Z-Transform, the system function of discrete-time LTI systems, the unilateral Z-Transform .

UNIT V Discrete Time Random Processes: Random variables –Definitions, ensemble averages, jointly distributed random variables, joint moments, independent, uncorrelated and orthogonal random variables, Gaussian random variables. Random Processes – Ensemble averages, stationary processes, the auto covariance and autocorrelation matrices, ergodicity, white noise, frequency domain description of random processes, transmission of random signals through a LTI system.

1. Oppenheim AV, Willisky AS and Nawab SH; Signals and systems; Pearson.
2. Proakis JP,.Manolakis; Digital Signal Processing principles…; Pearson.
3. Hwei.P .Hsu; Signals and systems, Schaum`s outlines; TMH.

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