RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 2nd (II) Semester PY 203 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Organic-I) syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
PY 203 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Organic-I)

Structure and Properties -
Atomic structure, Atomic orbital, Molecular orbital theory, Wave equation, Molecular orbital, Bonding and ant bonding orbital, Covalent bond, Hybrid orbital, Intermolecular forces, Bond dissociation energy, polarity of bonds, Polarity of molecules, Structure and physical properties, Acids and Bases.

Stereochemistry -
Isomerism and nomenclature and associated physicochemical properties, Optical activity, Stereo is omerism, Specification of configuration, Reactions involving Stereoisomers, Confirmations.

Structure, Nomenclature, Preparation and Reactions of: Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes,
Cycloalkanes, Dienes, Benzene, Polynuclear, aromatic compounds, Arenas, Alkyl, halides, Alcohols, Carboxylic acids, Functional derivatives of carboxylic acids, Reaction intermediates – Carbotations, Carbanions, Carbenes, Nitrene, and Nitrenium ions.

PY 203 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (ORGANIC-I) (Practical)

1. Identification of organic, compounds and their derivatives.
2. Preparation of selected organic compounds
3. Introduction to the use of stereo models.

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