RGTU / RGPV Network Security 7th Semester Syllabus

B.E. Computer Science & Engineering,
VII (7th) semester COURSE CONTENTS
Course : CS 7201 Network Security

Conventional Encryption
Convention Encryption: Conventional Encryption Model , Steganography , Classical , Encryption Techniques , Simplified DES , Block Cipher Principles , The Data Encryption Standard , The , Strength of DES , Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis , Block Cipher Design Principles , Block Cipher Modes of operation , Conventional Encryption algorithms

Public Key Encryption And Hash Functions
Public Key Cryptography , Principles of Public Key Cryptosystems , The RSA Algorithm , Key Management , Diffie Hellman Key Exchange , Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Message Authentication and Hash Functions
Authentication Requirements, Authentication Functions, Message Authentication Codes , Hash Functions , Security of Hash Functions

Hash And Mac Algorithms, MD5 Message Digest Algorithm , Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-I) , RIPEMD , HMAC , Digital Signatures and Authentication Protocols, Digital Signatures Authentication Protocols -Digital Signature Standard

Authentication Applications , IP Security , Web Security

Intruders, Viruses and Worms, Intruders , Viruses and Related Threats ,Firewalls, Firewall Design Principles , Trusted Systems

References: • William Stallings, “ Cryptography and Network Security”, Second edition, Prentice Hall,1999.

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