RGTU/RGPV MCA-405 Elective-I : E1(d) Microprocessor and Interfaces Syllabus MCA 4th -Fourth sem Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV MCA-405 Elective-I : E1(d) Microprocessor and Interfaces Syllabus
MCA 4th Sem MCA-405 Elective-I : E1(d) Microprocessor and Interfaces Syllabus
MCA 4th - Fourth Semester Syllabus

MCA-405 Elective-I : E1(d) Microprocessor and Interfaces Course Contents:

Intel 8086 Microprocessor: 8086 Architecture, Pin out diagram and pin description, Addressing Modes, bus transfer techniques with read/write cycle, 8086 Interrupts and Interrupt Responses.

Interfacing of 8086 with Memories, PPI (8255), Keyboard Controller (8279), DMA Controller (8257) Interfacing of 8086 with Programmable Interval Timer (8254) and Programmable Interrupt Controller (8259).

Introduction to Intel 80286, comparison of 80286 with 8086,80286 Architecture signal and system connection, Real and Virtual Addressing Modes, Memory Management Scheme, 80286 Protection Mechanism, 80286 Interrupts.

Introduction to Intel 80386,comparison of 80386 with 8086,80286,Difference between 80386SX and 80386DX, Memory and I/O system of 80386,Special 80386 Registers, 80386 Memory Management Scheme, memory Paging Scheme

Introduction of 80486, Difference between 80486DX and 80486SX,Basic 80486 Architecture, 80486 Memory and I/O system, 80486 Memory Management Scheme, Introduction to Pentium, Pentium Memory and I/O system, Special Pentium Registers, Pentium Memory Management, Difference between Pentium and Pentium Pro.

1. D.V.Hall: “ Microprocessor and Interfacing, Programming and Hardware” TMH
2. D.V.Hall: “ Microprocessor and Interface Programming” TMH
3. Barry. B. Brey : “ The Intel Microprocessors Architecture, Programming and Interfacing” Pearson Education (6th Edition)
4. James L. Antonakos : “The Pentium Microprocessor” Pearson Education.
5. V.Korneev,A.Kiselev “Modern Microprocessor” 3rd Edition , Wiley Dreamtech Publication
Note : Paper is to be set unit wise with internal choice.

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