TX 705 Advance Fabric Manufacturing Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV TX 705 Advance Fabric Manufacturing Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) VIII-7th Semester Syllabus

TX 705 Advance Fabric Manufacturing Course Contents:

Unit I Introduction: to different weft insertion systems on shuttle less weaving machines e.g., projectile, jet and rapier looms; Weft velocity curves and comparison of different weft insertion system, Beat-up mechanism of different shuttle less weaving machines; Control of picking energy on shuttle-less weaving machines.
Unit II Sulzer Projectile Loom, Rapier loom – different types, yarn transfer systems and their features, rapier head.
Unit III Jet loom – principles of air and water jet weft insertion, weft buckling and jet control.Different types of selvedges used in shuttleless weaving machines; Introduction to multiphase, triaxial, circular and narrow fabric weaving; Essential requirements of filament weaving.
Unit IV Power of picking, velocity and acceleration of picking element, energy consume, timings,drive to sley and healds, fabric quality on Sulzer Projectile, Rapier, Air jet and Water jet looms.
1. Shuttleless Weaving – Dr. M. K. Talukdar
2. Principle of Weaving – Marks & Robinson
3. Textile Science & Technology Shuttleless Weaving Machines Oldrich, Talavasek & Vladimir Svaty
4. Modern Preparation and Weaving Machinery – A. Ormerod.
5. Hndbook of Weaving, Sabit Adanur, Ph. D.
6. Weaving Technology & Operation – A. Ormerod & Walter S. Sondhelm
7. Rapier Loom – WIRA
8. Filament Weaving NCUTE HRD Programme Coordinator Prof. P.A.Khatwani, Mr. S. S.Yardi,
9. Innovations in Weaving Machinery – (The Course of Loom Development) – Dr. Teruo Ishila
10. Modern Weaving Theory & Practice- R. B. Singh
List of Experiments (Please expand it):
1. Detailed study of different shittleless weaving machines.
2. Suggested list of experiments:
3. Detailed study of different Projectile Loom
4. Detailed study of different Air Jet Loom
5. Detailed Study of different Rapier Loom
6. Detailed study of different Water Jet Loom
7. Detailed study of Circular Loom
8. Detailed study of Knitting Machine