TX-701(A) Color Physics & Computer Color Matching Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Color Physics & Computer Color Matching Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) VIII-7th Semester Syllabus

TX-701(A) Color Physics & Computer Color Matching Course Contents:

Unit I Fundamentals of color science, what is colour, perception of color, color mixing laws confusion in color perception, meta-merism.
Unit II Color order system: Munsell system, color atlas system, CIE system, CIE tri-stimulus values,  chromaticity co-ordinates , transform of the CIE system, Equation index for color spaces, whiteness assessment, yellowness index.
Unit III Optical theory for color matching: Reflectance curves of dyed specimens, Kubelka – Munk theory,   application of K-M theory to textiles, Developments after K-M theory.
Unit IV Color measuring instruments: Principles of color measuring instruments, optical sensors signal   processor, features of the available color instruments, selection of instrument and its utilization.
Unit V Color difference Pass/fail system and shade sorting: Color difference and chromaticity diagram, color difference equation, CIE color difference equations, Acceptability and perceptibility, modified color difference equations based on ABLAB. Pass/fail system, setting up tolerance limit.
1. Instrumental Color Measurements & CA Color Matching for Textiles; H.S. Shah & .S. Gandhi
2. Color Physics for Industry – Roderick Mcdonald.
3. Computer Color Analysis – A.D. Sule
4. Color for Textiles – A user handbook – Wilfred Ingamells
5. Modern Concepts of Color and Appearance – Asim Kr. Roy Choudhary
6. The Theory of Coloration of Textiles – 2nd Edition – A. Johnson
7. Color Technology in the Textile Industry, 2nd Ed. Cairman, (P?B) AATCC
List of Experiments (Please expand it):
Recipe development, colour difference measurement, Pass fail analysis, Shade sorting, washfastness, light fastness, crock fastness analysis.Determination of purity of dye stuff.