IP-802 Tool Engineering and Machine Tools SYLLABUS IP 8th (Eighth) sem Industrial and Production Engineering(IP) Syllabus

IP-802 Tool Engineering and Machine Tools Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Tool Engineering and Machine Tools Syllabus
Industrial and Production Engineering(IP) VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

IP-802 Tool Engineering and Machine Tools Course Contents:

Unit I Basic Features and Kinematics of Machine Tools: Features of basic machine tools; construction and operation, types of machine tools, machine tools motions, transmission-rotation in to rotation, rotation in to translation, kinematical-structures of machine tools: elementary, complex and compound structure, kinematical-features of gear shapers and gear hobbing machine.
Unit II Regulation of Speed: Design of gear boxes- need for variation of speed, selection of speed range, laws of stepped regulation, standardization of speeds, speed diagram, analysis of productivity loss, kinematical advantage of GP, structural diagrams, ray diagram and speed chart. Gear Drives: Belt and cone pulley, slip gear type, north gear drive, draw key gear drive, clutch type, mechanical step less drives, electrical drives; hydraulic drive.
Unit III Design of Metal working Tools: Design of press working tools, shearing, piercing, blanking, dies, compound die design principles for forging dies, bending, forming drawing dies, tooling for forgingdesign principles for forging dies, drop forging, upset forging, design principles and practice for rolling, roll press design.
Unit IV Design of Jigs and Fixtures: Principles of location, locating method and devices, principles of clamping, clamping devices, drilling jigs, types, drill bushes, fixture and economics, types of fixture, milling, grinding, broaching, assembly fixtures indexing jig and fixtures, indexing devices.
Unit V Design of Gauges and Inspection Features: Design of gauges for tolerance for dimensions and form inspection; dies and mould design for plastics & rubber parts: compression molding, transfer and blow molding.
 IP-802 Tool Engineering and Machine Tools References:
1. Mehta N.K.; Machine Tool Design and Numerical Control; TMH
2. Sen G.C, Bhattacharya A; Principles of Machine Tools; New Central Book Agency.
3. Donaldson; Tool Design T.M.H.
4. Jain KC and Chitale AK; Text Book Of Production Engineering; PHI Learning
5. Juneja, Sekhon and Seth; Fundamentals of Metal Cutting and Machine Tools; New Age.
6. Krar SF, Gill AR, Smid P; Technology of Machine Tools;TMH
7. Sharma P.C; Production Engineering; Chand S
8. Wilson; Fundamentals of Tool Design; ASTME
9. Paqwin J.R; Die Design Handbook; The Industrial Press-NY
10. ASTME; Die Design Hand Book; McGraw Hill
11. Archinov; Metal Cutting & Cutting Tool Design; MIR Publishers Moscow
12. Kempster M.H.A; Introduction to Jig and Tool Design; FLBS.
 IP-802 Tool Engineering and Machine Tools List of Experiments (please expand it):
1. Study set of milling machine tools
2. Study speed control and gear boxes of various metal cutting machines
3. Prepare jobs on press tools involving operations like shearing, blanking, pressing
4. Design of drilling jig to suit requirements of a given drilling job
5. Study of forging dies and hammers
6. Study of various gauges, go-no-go gauges

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