IP 704 Industrial Robotics  Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV IP 704 Industrial Robotics  Syllabus
Industrial and Production Engineering(IP) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

IP 704 Industrial Robotics  Course Contents:

Unit I Introduction: Need and importance, basic concepts, structure and classification of industrial robots, terminology of robot motion, motion characteristics, resolution, accuracy, repeatability, robot applications.
Unit II End Effectors and Drive systems: Drive systems for robots, salient features and comparison, different types of end effectors, design, applications.
Unit III Sensors: Sensor evaluation and selection – Piezoelectric sensors – linear position and displacement sensing, revolvers, encoders, velocity measurement, proximity, tactile, compliance and range sensing. Image Processing and object recognition.
Unit IV Robot Programming: Teaching of robots, manual, walk through, teach pendant, off line programming concepts and languages, applications.
Unit V Safety and Economy of Robots: Work cycle time analysis, economics and effectiveness of robots, safety systems and devices, concepts of testing methods and acceptance rule for industrial robots. 
1. Mittal RK, Nagrath IJ; Robotics and Control; TMH
2. Groover M.P,Weiss M, Nagel,OdreyNG; Industrial Robotics-The Appl…; TMH
3. Groover M.P; CAM and Automation; PHI Learning
4. Spong Mark and Vidyasagar; Robot Modelling and control; Wiley India
5. Yoshikava ; Foundations of Robotics- analysis and Control; PHI Learning;
6. Murphy ; Introduction to AI Robotics; PHI Learning
7. FU KS, Gonzalez RC, Lee CSG; Robotics –Control, sensing…; TMH
8. Shimon, K; Handbook of Industrial Robots; John Wiley & Sons,.
9. Ghosal Ashitava; Robotics Fundamental concepts and analysis; Oxford
10. Saha S; Introduction to Robotics; TMH
11. Yu Kozyhev; Industrial Robots Handbook; MIR Pub.
List Of Experiments (Please Expand it):
1. Study of different types of robots
2. Study of different robot arm motions
3. Study of sensors used in robots
4. Experiments on robot programming
5. Modeling of robots