IP 703 Welding and Non-Destructive Testing SYLLABUS IP 7th (Seventh) sem Industrial and Production Engineering(IP) Syllabus

IP 703 Welding and Non-Destructive Testing  Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Welding and Non-Destructive Testing  Syllabus
Industrial and Production Engineering(IP) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

IP 703 Welding and Non-Destructive Testing  Course Contents:

UNIT I Arc welding: Arcing phenomenon, metal transfer in arc welding, arc blow, types of electrode & their coating, electrodes for SMAW/ MIG, TIG, SAW,PAW & their specification. Gas welding: Welding techniques; left ward and right ward welding, filler metals and rods; oxy hydrogen and other fuel gas welding; air acetylene welding.
UNIT II Special welding process: Cold pressure welding; diffusion welding, ultra sonic welding explosive welding friction welding and inertia welding; forge welding, electron beam welding; laser beam welding; atomic hydrogen welding; thermit welding, under water welding process, thermal spraying & metal-addition
UNIT III Weld-ability and Weld-ability testing: Weld-ability of cast iron, effect of alloying elements in Weld-ability; steel, stainless steel, aluminum & copper welding; welding of plastics. Distortion & discontinuities in weld-jobs: Weld-jobs distortion and its control, various discontinuities in welds, residual stresses in weld-jobs; trouble shooting. 
UNIT IV Non Destructive Testing and inspection of weld-jobs: Non destructive methods of testing weld-jobs; stages of weld inspection and testing, visual inspection ,leak test; stethoscopes test; X-ray and γ-ray radiography, magnetic particle inspection; liquid(dye) penetrate test; fluorescent penetrate inspection; ultrasonic inspection and Eddy current testing. 
UNIT V Testing: Pipe, plate, boiler, drum, tank testing. Case-studies weld thermal cycle-residual stresses-distortion-relieving of stresses. Automation in welding: Structure analysis; basic operations, robotic welding, types of welding robots. 
1. Malhotra; Handbook on Non-destructive Testing of Concrete; CRC Press,
2. Henrique L M; Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation for Mfg …; Hemisphere Pub NY,
3. Rao PN; Manufacturing Technology Vol 1; TMH
4. Groover MP; Fundamentals of Modern mfg; Wiley India
5. Kaushish JP; Manufacturing Processes; PHI Learning
6. Oswald PF; Mfg Processes and Systems; Wiley India
7. Parmar, R.S; Welding Processes And Technology
8. Srinivasan.N.K.; Welding Technology; Khanna Pub.
List Of Experiments (Please Expand it):
1. Prepare job of lap and butt joint by electric arc welding
2. Study/ make job on special welding methods like TIG, MIG, laser welding
3. Find welding defects on weld jobs by cutting welded joints
4. Non destructive die penetration testing of weld jobs
5. Experiments on various NDT methods contained in the theory

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