IP 701(B) Computer Aided engineering and FEM Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV IP 701(B) Computer Aided engineering and FEM Syllabus
Industrial and Production Engineering(IP) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

IP 701(B) Computer Aided engineering and FEM Course Contents:

Unit-I Introduction : Structural analysis, objectives, static, Dynamic and kinematics analyses, Skeletal and continuum structures, Modeling of infinite d.o.f. system into finite d.o.f. system, Basic steps in finite element problem formulation, General applicability of the method.
Unit-II Element Types and Characteristics : Discretization of the domain, Basic element shapes, Aspect ratio, Shape functions, Generalized co-ordinates and nodal shape functions; ID bar and beam elements, 2D rectangular and triangular elements; axis-symmetric elements.
Unit-III Assembly of Elements and Matrices: Concept of element assembly, Global and local coordinate systems, Band width and its effects, Banded and skyline assembly, Boundary conditions, Solution of simultaneous equations, Gaussian elimination and Choleksy decomposition methods, Numerical integration, One and 2D applications.
Unit-IV Higher Order and iso-parametric Elements: One dimensional quadratic and cubic elements, Use of natural co-ordinate system, Area co-ordinate system continuity and convergence requirements, 2D rectangular and triangular requirement. 
Unit-V Static Analysis: Analysis of trusses and frames, Analysis of machine subassemblies, Use commercial software packages, Advantages and limitations 
Unit-VI Dynamic Analysis: Hamilton's principle, Derivation of equilibrium, Consistent and lumped mass matrices, Derivation of mass matrices for ID elements, Determination of natural frequencies and mode shapes, Use of commercial software packages. 
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20. Chennakesava RA; Finite Element Methods-Basic Concepts and App; PHI Learning
21. Reddy JN; An introduction to finite element method; TMH
22. Desai Chandrakant S et al; Introduction to finite element Method; CBS Pub
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