IE 702 (A) Financial Management SYLLABUS IE 7th (Seventh) sem Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) Syllabus

IE 702 (A) Financial Management Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV IE 702 (A) Financial Management Syllabus
Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

IE 702 (A) Financial Management Course Contents:

Unit 1 Working capital management: Determination of level of current assets; sources for financing working capital; bank finance for working capital; working capital financing; short and long term financing of working capital; working capital leverages

Unit 2 Cash Management: Forecasting cash flows; cash budgets, long-term cash forecasting; monitoring collections and receivables, optimal cash balances; Baumol model, Miller- model, Stone model; strategies for managing surplus fund.
Unit 3 Capital structure decisions: Capital structure & market value of a firm; theories of capital structure; NI approach, NOI approach, Modigliani Miller approach, traditional approach; arbitrage process in capital structure; planning the capital structure: EBIT and EPS analysis. ROI & ROE analysis; capital structure policy
Unit 4 Hybrid Financing: Preferred stock, warrants and convertibles, private equity; venture funds, angel financing; financial management in intangible-intensive companies; characteristics of intangibles, implications for financial managements, types and approaches to valuations of intangible assets. 
Unit 5 Corporate financial modeling: Agency problem and consideration; effect of inflation on; asset value, firm value, returns; financial planning; basis of financial planning, sales forecast method, proforma P & L account method, pro-forma balance sheet method, determination of External Financing Requirement (EFR). 
Unit 6 Financial Management of sick units: Definition of sickness, causes, symptoms, predictions,revival  strategies, institutions for revival of sick units; Economic Value Added (EVA) concept, components of EVA; Market Value Added (MVA).
1. Prasanna Chandra; Financial Management; TMH
2. Khan M.Y.& Jain P.K; Financial Management; TMH
3. Pandey I.M; Financial Management; Vikas,
4. Brigham & Ehrhardt, Financial Management-Theory & Practice; Thomson Learning,
5 Ross, Westerfield & Jaffe; Corporate Finance– TMH
6 Bhat Sudhindra; Advanced Financial Management; Excel Books.
7 Vanhorne; Financial Management & Policy; Pearson / PHI
8 Keown, Martin, Petty. Scott; Financial management-principles and applications; PHI
9 Brearly and Myers; Principle of Corporate Finance; TMH

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