FT-704 Safety Engineering and Its Industrial Application Syllabus FT 7th semester Fire Technology(FT) RGTU/RGPV Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Safety Engineering and Its Industrial Application Syllabus
FT-704 Safety Engineering and Its Industrial Application Syllabus
Fire Technology and Safetyl Engineering(FT) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

FT-704 Safety Engineering and Its Industrial Application Course Contents:

Unit-I Theory and principals of accident causation, unsafe Act and unsafe conditions, case studies, Accident- Investigation Procedure, Safety Committee organization & functions.; Safety performance measurement; Safety policy, Safety in material handling.
Unit-II Good housekeeping and safety, personal protective equipments needs & limitations, Hazards & risk assessment techniques, job safety analysis, fault tree analysis Ergonomic concept, local exhaust ventilation, plant inspection procedure, safe working in confined space, work permit system.
Unit-III Control of industrial noise, lighting, heat & ventilation, safety officer- role, responsibilities, power & duties, role of management, supervisor, trade- union, workers & Government, safety in use of hoists, lifts, & lifting machines, safety in pressure plants, principles of machine guarding, types & selection of machine guards.
Unit-IV Safety in industries involving hazardous processes, safety in industries involving highly flammable liquids & flammable compressed gases, safety in chemical works, application of safety in handling corrosive substances, safety audit in various types of factories, types of safety audit, its methodology and reporting..
Unit-V Hazards & their control in the manufacture of articles from refractory materials, hazards in solvent extraction plants & their control, safety in industries, manufacturing rayon by viscose process, hazards & their control in fertilizer industries, hazards & control in LPG bottling plant.
1. Fundamentals of Industrial safety & health by K.U. Mistry.
2. Safety at work by Jhon Ridley
3. Less loss prevention in the process industries- volume – I, II, III
4. Safety Legislations related to industries.
List of experiments (Expandable):
1. Case study on FF and Safety
2. Practicals on layout and house keeping
3. Noise measurement and prevention

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