EX8402 Digital Electronics & Logic Design-II EX 8th (Eighth) sem Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EX) Syllabus

EX8402 Digital Electronics & Logic Design-II Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV  Electronics & Logic Design-II Syllabus
Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EX) VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

EX8402 Digital Electronics & Logic Design-II Course Contents:

Unit I
Specification of sequential systems:
Characterizing equation & definition of synchronous sequential machines. Realization of Floatable from verbal description, Mealy and Moore model machines state table and transition diagram. Minimization of the flow table of completely and incompletely specifies sequential machines

Unit II
High level description and specification of standard combinational & sequential modules and introduction to VHDL Programming. Concept of iterative arrays.

Unit III
Secondary state assignments in sequential machine; parallel & serial decomposition of equential machines. Introduction to asynchronous sequential machine, races and hazards. Information loss-less machine.

Unit IV
Algorithmic state machine and fundamental concept of hardware / firmware algorithms. Controllers and data system designing.

Unit V
Concept of PROM, PLE and FPLA. PALASM / XYLINGS software applications. Other PLD devices like EPLA, GAL, PHEEL, Mega PAL and Hard Array Logic.

Books :
1. Z. Kohavi “Switching & Finite Automata Theroy” TMH.
2. S. C. See “Digital Circuits and Logic Design” PHI,
3. M.K. Ercegovac & T. Lang, “Digital Systems and Hardware/Firmware Algorithms” John Wiley.
4. Stefan Sjoholm & Lennart Lind “VHDL for Designers” Prentice-Hall.
5. P.J. Ashenden “The Designers Guide to VHDL” Harcourt Asia PTE Ltd. M. Ercegovac et.al “ Introduction to Digital Systems”
6. M. Mano “Digital Design” John Wiley & Sons, PHI.
7. P.K. Lala “Digital System Design using Programmable logic Devices” BS Publication
8. K.L.Short “Microprocessors and Programmed Logic” PHI.
9. Z. Navatri “ VHDL Analysis & Modeling of Digital Systems” Mc-Graw Hill.

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