EEEE704 Major Project Syllabus Electrical Engineering(EE) 7th sem RGTU/RGPV Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EE704 Major Project Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Major Project (Planning & Literature Survey) SYLLABUS
Electrical Engineering EE 7th (VII) Semester Syllabus

EE704 Major Project (Planning & Literature Survey) Course Contents:

 The Major Project Work provides students an opportunity to do something on their own and under the supervision of a guide. Each student shall work on an approved project, which may involve fabrication, design or investigation of a technical problem that may take design, experimental or analytical character or combine element of these areas. The project work involves sufficient work so that students get acquainted with different aspects of manufacture, design or analysis.

The students also have to keep in mind that in final semester they would be required to implement whatever has been planned in the Major Project in this semester. It is possible that a work, which involves greater efforts and time may be taken up at this stage and finally completed in final semester, but partial completion report should be submitted in this semester and also evaluated by an external examiner. At the end of semester, all students are required to submit a synopsis.

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