CE-305 Building Design & Drawing CE 3rd sem RGTU/RGPV CIVIL Engineering(CE) 3rd Semester Syllabus

CE-305 Building Design & Drawing Syllabus  
 RGTU/RGPVCE-305 Building Design & Drawing
CIVIL Engineering(CE) 3rd - Third Semester Syllabus 

 CE-305 Building Design & Drawing Course Contents:

Unit 1
Drawing of Building Elements – Drawing of various elements of buildings like various types of footing, open foundation, raft, grillage, pile and well foundation, Drawing of frames of doors, window, various types of door, window and ventilator, lintels and arches, stairs and staircase, trusses, flooring, roofs etc.

Unit 2
Building Planning – Provisions of National Building Code, Building bye-laws, open area, set backs, FAR terminology, principle of architectural composition (i.e. unity, contrast, etc.), principles of planning, orientation.

Unit 3 
Building Services – Introduction of Building Services like water supply and drainage, electrification, ventilation and lightening and staircases, fire safety, thermal insulation, acoustics of buildings.

Unit 4
Design and Drawing of Building – Design and preparation of detailed drawings of various types of buildings like residential building, institutional buildings and commercial buildings, detailing of doors, windows, ventilators and staircases etc.

Unit 5
Perspective Drawing – Elements of perspective drawing involving simple problems, one point and two point perspectives, energy efficient buildings.

1. Malik & Meo; Building Design and Drawing By
2. Shah, Kale & Patki; Building Design and Drawing; TMH
3. Gurucharan Singh & Jgdish Singh Building Planning, Design and Scheduling

List of Experiments (Expandable)
1. Sketches of various building components.
2. One drawing sheet of various building components containing doors, windows ventilators, lintels and arches stairs foundations etc.
3. One drawing sheet each for services and interiors of buildings.
4. One drawing sheet containing detailed planning of one/two bed room residential building (common to all student)
5. One drawing sheet each of residential and institutional building (Each student perform different drawing).
6. Use of AutoCAD for preparation of drawings.

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