AU 701 (A) Alternative fuels and pollution Control AU, 7th (V) Semester Revised syllabus Automobile Engineering(AU)

AU 701 (A) Alternative fuels and pollution Control Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Alternative fuels and pollution Control Syllabus
Automobile Engineering AU 7th Semester Syllabus 

AU 701 (A) Alternative fuels and pollution Control Course contents

Unit-I Introduction about the alternate fuels and renewable sources of energy in automobile field availabilities, Storage, Handling and Safety aspects- Costs and other factors.

Unit-II Alternate Fuels: Alcohols-CNG-LPG vegetable oils- Hydrogen and Biogas properties performance and Emission characteristics. Solid fuels coal and wood Ash fusibility test; Modification requited use of Alternate fuels in SI and CI engines- Combustion equation; conversion of gravimetric  to volumetric analysis flue gas analysis.

Unit-III Renewable sources of energies Introduction about the solar energy collectors- Concentrating, Flat plate collectors- application wind energy-Bio energy, Geo thermal energy- Chemical energy: Fuel cells, Batteries; Hydrogen energies- Energy conservations in sterling and heat pumps.

Unit-IV Pollutants: Sources from SI and CI Engines, Two Stroke (SI and CI) engine pollution formation; Indian Emission Standards for SI and CI engines; European Emission Standards Comparison with alternate fuel emissions.

Unit-V Pollution control Techniques and Test procedures: Optimization of operating factor- EGRFumigation- Air injection-PCV system (opens Closed) Catalytic Converters-Catalyst use of unleaded petrol.
Gas Analyzers-Different Smoke meters-Different test methods;
Electric Vehicles
Simple layout-Traction batteries-Re charging methods-rating pollution factors, Fuel Cells.

1. Ganesan V., Internal Combustion Engines.
2. Held P.M., High speed Combustion Engines
3. Rai,GD Non Conventional sources of Energy
4. Obert E.F., Internal Combustion Engines.
5. SAE Transaction-Vehicle emission.
6. John. H. Jhonson, Diesel Particulate Emissions Landmark Research

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