AU 503 Metrology Measurement & control AU, 5th (V) Semester Revised syllabus Automobile Engineering(AU)

AU 5th  sem  Metrology Measurement & control  SYLLABUS
B.E. (AU) Automobile Engineering FIFTH V SEMESTER
AU 503 Metrology Measurement & control SYLLABUS

 AU 503 Metrology Measurement & control Course contents

Unit 1 General concepts of measurement: definition-standards of measurement, errors in measurement, limit-gauging, various systems of limits, fits and tolerance, interchangeability, ISI and ISO system. basic principles and design of standards of measuring gauges, types of gauges and their design, accuracy and precision, calibration of instruments, principles of light interference, interferometer, measurement and calibration.

Unit 2 Linear and angular measurements: Slip gauges, micrometers, verniers, dial gauges, surface plates, comparators- mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and optical comparator, angular measuring instruments- sine bar, angle gauges, spirit level, autocollimators, clinometers; measurement of straightness, flatness and squareness.

Unit 3 Measurement of surface finish and measuring machines: surface finish- definitions, types of surface texture, surface roughness measurement methods, comparison, profile-meters, pneumatic and replica, measurement of run out and concentricity, length bar measuring machine, optical projection, comparator, tool makers microscope.

Unit 4 Metrology of screw threads and gears: internal/external screw thread, terminology,  measurement of various elements of threads, thread micrometer method, two wire and three wire methods; gearterminology, measurement of various elements, constant chord method, base tangent method, plug method; gear tester, gear tooth measurement; rolling gear tester.

Unit 5 Computer aided and laser metrology: Co-ordinate measuring machine; applications; laser micrometer, laser interferometer, laser scanning gauge, non contact and in- process inspection, vision system.

1. ASTE; Handbook of industrial metrology; Prentice hall of india ltd
2. Jain R.K.; Engineering metrology; Khanna publishers
3. Gupta. I.C. “A text book of engineering metrology”, Dhanpat rai and sons;
4. Galye G.N et al; Metrology for engineers; elbs,
5. Rajput R.K; Engineering metrology and instrumentation; Kataria &sons publishers

List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):
1. Study and use of verniers, micrometer and dial gauges
2. Study and use of limit gauges
3. Study and use of slip gauges and sine bar
4. Study of Tool Makers Microscope
5. Measurement of straightness, flatness and squareness
6. Measurement of surface finish
7. Measurement of screw threads by one wire and two wire
8. Measurement of parameters of gear teeth
9. Study and use of profile projector
10. Study and use of comparators
11. Study and use of Coordinate measurement machines.

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