Embedded Computer Systems SYLLABUS RGTU/RGPV CS-7103

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Embedded Computer Systems SYLLABUS Course code: CS-7203

Computer Science "CSE" 7th semester Embedded Computer Systems syllabus

Embedded Computer Systems Course Content:
Unit – I Introduction to Embedded systems Embedded Systems Vs General Computing Systems, Classification of Embedded Systems, Major application areas of Embedded Systems, Purpose of Embedded systems ,Core of the Embedded system, Memory, Sensors and Actuators, Communication Interface, Embedded firmware, PCB and Passive Components, Characteristics and Quality attributes of a Embedded System . 

Unit – II Design of Embedded Systems with 8bit Microcontrollers-8051 Factors for considering in selecting a Controller ,Designing with 8051 microcontroller ,Different addressing modes supported by 8051 , Instruction set for 8051 microcontroller .Fundamental issues in Hardware Software Co-Design , Computational models in Embedded Design .

Unit – III Embedded Hardware & Firmware Design and Development Analog &Digital Electronic components, VLSI & Integrated circuit design, Electronic Design Automation tools , PCB layout Design and its fabrication .Embedded firmware design approaches , Embedded firmware Development Languages ,Programming in Embedded C . Integration and testing of Embedded Hardware and Firmware , Safe & robust Design, Reliability, Faults, errors & Failure, Functional Design, Architecture Design, Prototyping.

Unit -IV Embedded System Development Environment Integrated Development Environment (IDE) , Types of files Generated on Cross- Compilation , Disassembler/Decompiler, Simulators, Emulators and Debugging, Boundary Scan

Unit – V Embedded Product Development Lifecycle(EDLC) and Trends in Embedded Industry What is EDLC ,Objectives of EDLC , Different phases of EDLC , EDLC Approaches-Linear or waterfall model , Iterative Model , Prototyping/Evolutionary Model, Spiral Model . Processor trends in Industry , Embedded OS Trends , Development Language trends ,Open Standards, Frameworks and Alliances , Bottlenecks.

References / Suggested Reading / Books for CS-7202 Randomized Algorithms :

1. Shibu, Introduction to Embedded System:, TMH
2. Barrett ,Embedded Systems :Design and Applications ,Pearson Education
3. Rajkamal, Embeded System, TMH
4. Vahid ,Givargis ,Embedded System Design ,Wiley
5. Balbno, Embedded Micro Computer System Cengage Learning
6. Siewert, Real Time Embeded System & Components, Cengage Learning

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