BE207 Workshop Practice Syllabus RGPV/RGTU BE 1st/2nd semester Syllabus

Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
Course: BE207 Workshop Practice Syllabus
Branch: Common Semester BE 1st/2nd semester Syllabus
Revised Syllabus and Scheme of Examination Effective from July 2007

Unit I
Introduction: Manufacturing Processes and its Classification, Casting, Machining, Plastic deformation and metal forming, Joining Processes, Heat treatment process, Assembly process. Powder Metallurgy, introduction to computers in manufacturing. Black Smithy Shop Use of various smithy tools.
Forging operations:Upsetting, Drawing down, Fullering, Swaging, Cutting down, Forge welding, Punching and drafting. Suggested Jobs : Forging of chisel., forging of Screw Driver

Unit II
Carpentry Shop:
Timber : Type, Qualities of timber disease, Timber grains, Structure of timber, Timber, Timber seasoning, Timber preservation .Wood Working tools: Wood working machinery, joints & joinery. Various operations of planning using various carpentry planes sawing & marking of various carpentry joints.
Suggested Jobs :Name Plate ,Any of the Carpentry joint like mortise or tennon joint

Unit III
Fitting Shop: Study and use of Measuring instruments, Engineer steel rule, Surface gauges caliper, Height gauges, feeler gauges, micro meter. Different types of files, File cuts, File grades, Use of surface plate, Surface gauges drilling tapping Fitting operations: Chipping filling, Drilling and tapping.Suggested Jobs :Preparation of job piece by making use of filling, sawing and chipping , drilling and tapping operations.

Unit IV
Foundry: Pattern Making: Study of Pattern materials, pattern allowances and types of patterns. Core box and core print, .Use and care of tools used for making wooden patterns.
Moulding: Properties of good mould & Core sand, Composition of Green , Dry and Loam sand. Methods used to prepare simple green and bench and pit mould dry sand bench mould using single piece and split patterns.

Unit V
Welding: Study and use of tools used for Brazing, Soldering, Gas & Arc welding. Preparing Lap & Butt joints using gas and arc welding methods, Study of TIG & MIG welding processes . Safety precautions.

Reference Books:
1. Bawa Workshop Practice, TMH
2. Manufacturing Technology- P.N. Rao, Vol.1&2, TMH
3. Workshop Practices - Hazara Choudhary, Vol. I & II.
4. Production Technology - R.K. Jain.

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