BE206 Computer Programming Syllabus RGPV/RGTU BE 1st/2nd semester Syllabus

Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
Course: BE206 Computer Programming Syllabus
Branch: Common Semester BE 1st/2nd semester Syllabus
Revised Syllabus and Scheme of Examination Effective from July 2007

Unit I
Introduction to MS-Windows and MS-Office Principles of Object-Oriented Programming Procedure-Oriented Programming vs. Object-Oriented Programming, Basic concepts of 00Ps, Advantages of 00Ps, Object Oriented Languages. Beginning with C++ What is C++, Structure of C++ program, Creating, Compiling, Linking, and Executing a C++ program.

Unit II
Token, Expressions and Control Structures Tokens, Keywords, Identifiers, Basic Data Types, User-Defined Data Types, Derived Data Types, Symbolic Constants, Type Compatibility, Variable Declaration, Dynamic Initialization of Variables, Reference Variables, Operators in C++, Scope Resolution Operator, Memory Management Operators, Manipulators, Type Cast Operators, Operator Overloading, Operator Precedence, Control Structures.

Unit III
Functions in C++ Main Function, Function Prototyping, Call by reference vs. Call by 'Value, Inline Functions, Default Arguments, const Arguments, Function Overloading, Friend and
Virtual Functions.

Unit IV
Classes and Objects Specifying a Class, Defining Member Functions, Making a Outside Function Inline, Nesting of Member Functions, Private Member Functions, Arrays within a Class, Memory Allocation for Objects, Static Data Members, Static Member Functions, Array of Objects, Objects as Function Arguments, Returning Objects, Pointers to Members.

Unit V
Constructors and Destructors Constructors, Parametric Constructors, Multiple Constructors in a Class, Constructors with Default Arguments, Dynamic Initialization of Objects, Copy Constructor, Dynamic Constructor, Destructors. Operator Overloading and Type Conversions Definition, Overloading Unary Operators, Binary Operators, Binary Operators using Friends, Rules for Overloading Operators.

Unit VI
Inheritance Defining Derived Classes, Single Inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Hierarchical Inheritance, Hybrid Inheritance, Virtual Base Classes, Abstract Classes, Constructors in Derived Classes, Member Class : Nesting of Class.

Unit VII
Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism Pointers to Objects, this Pointer, Pointers
to Derived Classes, Virtual Functions, Pure Virtual Functions.

Managing Console 1/0 Operations C++ Streams, C++ Stream Classes, Unformatted I/0 Operations, Formatted Console I/0 Operations, Managing Output with Manipulators.Working with Files Classes for File Strewn Operations, Opening and Closing a File, Detecting EOF, File
Pointers, Updating a File, Error Handling During File Operations.

Suggested List of Experiments:
C++ programs based on course contents. (At least two program from each unit.)

Reference Books:-
1. Object Oriented Programming with C++ By E.Balagurusamy, TMH.
2. Programming in C++ By Robert Lafore.
3. ISRD-Object Oriented Programing with C++ , TMH
4. C++ the complete reference By Herbert Schildt, TMH
5. Mastering C++, Venugopal, TMH
6. Programing with C++ Hubbert, Schaum Series, TMH

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