RGPV / RGTU M.Tech. Sofware Engineering 2nd sem Software Quality Assurance Syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
M.Tech. Sofware Engineering
Software Quality Assurance Syllabus
Enforced From Session 2009-10

Unit-I: Software Quality Assurance Framework and Standards : Concept of Software quality Software, Software Quality Attributes ,Software Quality Assurance, Components of Software Quality Assurance ,Software Quality Assurance Plan: Steps to develop and implement a Software Quality Assurance Plan , Quality Standards: ISO 9000 and Companion ISO Standards, CMM, CMMI, PCMM, Malcom Balridge, 3 Sigma, 6 Sigma.

Unit-II : Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance as dealing with defects , Defects Prevention Techniques :Education & training , Formal methods . Defect reduction :Inspection –Direct fault detection and removal , testing –Failure observation and risk identification.Defect Containment : Software fault tolerance and safety assurance and failure containment .

Unit-III: Software Quality Assurance Metrics and Measurement : Software Quality Metrics ,Product Quality metrics, Process Quality Metrics, Metrics for Software Maintenance, Examples of Metric Programs , Software Quality metrics methodology, Establish quality requirements, Identify Software quality metrics, Implement the software quality metrics, analyze software metrics results, validate the software quality metrics , Software quality indicators , Fundamentals in Measurement theory .

Unit-IV: Software Testing: Functional vs, Structural testing, Test planning and preparation ,Test executions , Result Checking and measurement , Test Automation .
Testing techniques :Adaptation , specialization and Integration, Case Study: Hierarchical web Testing . Process Improvement :Process Classification , Process Measurement ,Process Analysis and Modelling , Formal Verification & Specification ,Fault tolerance and failure containment .

Unit-V: Quantifiable Quality Improvement : QA monitoring and measurement , Analysis and follow up actions , Implementations, Integration and tool support , Models for Quality Assessment ,Generalized and product specific models .Risk Identification for quantifiable quality improvement :Traditional statistical analysis techniques, New techniques for risk identification .Software Reliablity Engineering :Reliability Analysis Using IDRMs(Input Domain Reliabilty Model) & SRGMs(Software Reliability Growth Model) , TBRMs(Tree based reliability model) for reliability analysis and improvent .

1. Tian , Software Quality Engineering ,Wiley Pub
2. Pressman , Software Engineering ,TMH Pub
3. Musa , Software Reliabilty Engineering , TMH Pub

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