RGPV / RGTU CS 601 Micro Processor and Interfacing, List of Experiments and suggested Reading or Refrence books

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B.E. Computer Science & Engineering, VI Semester
Course Syllabus : CS 601 Micro Processor and Interfacing

Syllabus: CS 601 Micro Processor and Interfacing

List of Experiments :
1. Add a data byte located at offset 0500H in 2000H segment to another data byte available at
06000H in same segment and store the resulting 0700H in same segment?
2. Add the contents of memory location 2000H, offset 0500H to the contained of accumulator.
3. Write a program to find the average to two temperature name HI-TEMP and LO-TEMP and
puts the result in the memory location AV-TEMP.
4. Find out the largest number from an unordered array of sixteen 8-bit numbers stored
sequentially in the memory locations starting at offset 0500H in the segment 2000H
5. Move a byte string, 16 bytes long, from the offset 0200H to 0300H in the segment 7000H.
6. Write a program to add a profit factor to each element in a cost array and puts the result in a
PRICES array, where profit factor is 15H and COST =20H, 28H, 15H, 26H, 19H, 27H, 16H,
7. Write a program to find out the number of positive numbers and negative numbers from a
given series of signed numbers.
8. Write a program that performs the addition, subtraction, multiplications, division of the given
operands. Perform BCD operation for addition and subtraction.
9. A Program to find out the number of even and odd numbers from a given series of 16 bit
hexad4ecimal numbers.

Suggested Reading:
1. Douglas V Hall, “Microprocessors and interfacing – Programming & Hardware” TMH
2. Barry B. Brey, “The intel Microprocessor – 8086”, Pearson Education
3. Kenneth J.Ayala,”The 8086 Microproccessor: Programming & Interfacing The PC”,Cengage
4. Krishna Kant,”Microprocessors and Microcontrollers”, PHI Learning
5. A.K.Ray KM Bhurchandi, “Advanced Microprocessor and peripherals” McGraw Hill
6. R.S. Gaonkar ,”Microprocessors and interfacing”, TMH

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