RGPV / RGTU TX 401 Statistics & Quality Control Revised syllabus Textile Engineering B.E. ME, 4th (IV) Semester syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
B.E. (TX) Textile Engineering
401 Statistics & Quality Control
Revised Syllabus and Scheme of Examination Effective from July 2007

Unit I Collection and presentation of data, Measures of central tendency, Measures of variation, Skewness, Moments and kurtosis, Probability Theory, priori and posteriori probabilities, conditional probabilities Bay’s theorem (Simple Problems).

Unit II Probability distribution: discrete distribution, binomial and poison distributions .Continuous Normal Distribution, Exponential Distribution, central value theorem, Normal Probability curve, calculation of mean and variance From Normal Curve, Practical usefulness of normal Distribution, sampling distribution, Bivariate Distribution, Correlation and Regression, Analysis of Variance, significance of error R2 (one way classification only).

Unit III Elementary theory of testing of hypothesis, Statistical Hypothesis, Null Hypothesis, Errors of first and second kind, Critical Region, level of Significance. Chi-square test of goodness of fit Test of significance based on T, F and Z distribution.

Unit IV General idea of sampling method, random sample, sampling size, sample size for different distribution, differences between average and variances

Unit V : Statistical quality control chart, control limits, X, R, P, Pn chart etc., analysis by defects,
number of defects (C chart), introduction to TQM and ISO 9000

1. Gupta, Kapoor: Fundamental of Mathematical Statistics
2. Booth J.E.: Textile Testing.
3. SITRA : Application of statistics in textile.
4. Grover B. & Hanby D. S.: Textile testing and Quality Control.
5. Grant Eugene; Statistical Quality control; TMH

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