RGPV / RGTU B.E. FT, 4th (IV) Semester syllabus FT-405 Pumping Machinery & Fluid Mechanics Revised syllabus Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
B.E. (FT) Fire Technology and Safety Engineering
FT- 405 Pumping Machinery & Fluid Mechanics
Revised Syllabus and Scheme of Examination Effective from July 2007

UNIT-I Principles of Hydraulic Machinery, Dynamic Section of Fluid, Dynamic force and torque
executed by fluid jet on plain, curved stationary and moving vanes; Velocity Diagrams, work done by impact, pressure due to deviated flow. Pumps (Positive Displacement Pumps)Reciprocating pumps; Basic theory, types, construction, installation characteristics and operation and accessories.

UNIT-II Centrifugal pumps and its characteristics. Other water lifting devices, Ejector pumps, Air-lift pump installation operation. Parallel–Series, Centrifugal pumps. Pump Section, Maintenance and application.

UNIT III HYDRAULICS : The flow of water through open channels, pipe hose and nozzles. Measures of flow, pressure and pressure drop. KINEMATICS OF FLUIDS FLOW : Type of flow, path lines and stream lines, equation of continuity, one dimensional method of flow analysis.

UNIT IV DYNAM equations for steady flow, Barnoulli’s theorem and its applications. FLUID MEASUREMENT: Pressure measurements, use of piezometers and static tubes, velocity measurements, use of pitch-tubes, current meters. Discharge measurement, use of venturimeter. Orifice meter etc.

UNIT V DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS :Dimensions and units; Dimensional homogeneity; Buckingham’s II theorem, Laws of Similarity. FLOW IN PIPES :Friction losses in pipes; loses due to sudden enlargement and contraction, Hydraulic and energy gradient lines, siphon, pipes in series and parallel, branching of pipes. Water hammer problems.

1. Pump Selection and application : Tyler C. Riches.
2. Pump Operators, Handbook : I.S. University of Science and Technology.
3. Fire Pumps and Hydraulics : I.E. Ditts and T.M. Harris.
4. Hydraulic Mechanics: Dr. J.Lal
5. Pumps and Blowers : Church and Lal
6. Manual of Fireman ship Book No.4
7. Hydraulics Machines : J.Lal
8. Fire-fighting Hydraulics : Purington
9. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics : P.N.Modi, Dr. S.M. Seth
10. A text-book of Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines: R.S. Khurmi
11. Fluid Mechanics and Systems : S. Nagarathnam
12. Engineering Fluid Mechanics : K.L. Kumar
13. A Text Book on Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics (Vol. 1) : Dr. V.G. Garde, R.M.Advani.

List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):
1. To study Centrifugal Pump Characteristics
2. To study force balances in a Static System.
3. To study Different Types of Flow.
4. To determine the loss of head in the fittings at the various water flow rates

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