RGTU / RGPV 8th Semester Web Engineering Syllabus

PROGRAMME: B.E. Computer Science and Engineering,
Course: CS802 Web Engineering

Introduction: Introduction, layering, DNS - encapsulation, de-multiplexing, client /server model, port numbers, standardization process, the Internet.
Link layer: introduction, Ethernet and IEEE 802 encapsulation, trailer encapsulation, SLIP, PPP- Loop back interface, MTU.
Internet protocol: introduction, IP header, IP routing, subnet addressing, subnet mask- special case of IP addresses, a subnet example.

Address Resolution Protocol
Introduction, an example, ARP cache, ARP packet format, ARP examples, Proxy ARP, ARP command.
RARP: Introduction, RARP packet format, RARP examples, RARP server design.
ICMP: Introduction, ICMP message types, ICMP address mask request and reply-ICMP timestamp request and reply- 4.4 BSD processing of ICMP Messages.

Ping Program Introduction, ping program, IP record route option, IP time stamp option.
Trace route program: Introduction, trace route program operation, LAN output, and WAN output- IP source routing option.
IP routing: Introduction, routing principles, ICMP host, and ICMP redirect errors
Dynamic Routing protocols: introduction, dynamic routing, RIP- OSPF, BGP, CIDR.
UDP: introduction, UDP header, UDP checksum, IP Fragmentation, UDP Server design.

DNS Introduction- basics, message format, simple example, pointer quires, resource records, caching, UDP
TFTP: introduction, protocol, security. BOOTP: introduction, packet format, server design, through router.
TCP: Introduction, services, headers, connection establishment and termination, timeout of connection establishment- maximum segment size- half, close, state transition diagram, reset segments, simultaneous open and close- options, server design.

SNMPIntroduction, protocol, structure of management information, object identifiers, management information base, instance identification.
Telnet: rlogin protocols, examples, telnet protocol and examples. FTP, protocol, examples, SMTP protocols, examples, NFS, TCP/IP Applications.

• W. Richard Stevens , TCP/IP Illustrated Volume , I “ The Protocols “, Addison Wesley Longman.
• Jaiswal .S, TCP\IP Principles, Architecture, Protocols And Implementation, First Edition, Galgotia Publications Pvt Ltd.

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