RGPV / RGTU 5th Semester Compiler Design Syllabus Download ( CS / IT)

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering VII Semester
Theory of Computation

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Introduction to theory of Computation and Finite Automata: Mathematical Preliminaries & Notation : Sets, functions and relations, Graphs and Trees, Proof Techniques, Basic concepts , Languages, Grammars, automats, deterministic finite accepters, Deterministic accepters and Transition Graphs, Languages, Non deterministic finite accepters, definition of a NDRA, Equivalent of DFA and NDFA, Reduction of the Number of states in finite automata.

Unit II
Grammers and Languages: Regular expression, Regular Grammer, Regular languages, closure properties of Regular languages, Context free grammars, Simplification of Context free grammars and Normal forms, Properties of context free languages.

Unit III
Push – Down Automata: Non deterministic push down automata: Definition of a push down automata, The language accepted by a push down automata, Push down automata and context free languages, Push down automata for context free languages, CFG’s for PDA, Deterministic Push down automata and Deterministic Context free languages, Grammers and Deterministic context free languages

Unit IV
Turning Machines: The Standard Turning Machine: Definition of a Turning Machine, Turning Machines as language accepters, and Turning Machines as Transducers. Combining Turning Machines for complicated tasks, Turning thesis, Other models of Turning Machines.

Unit V
Limits of algorithmic computation, Some Problems that can not be solved by Turning Machines, Computability and Decidability, the Turning Machine Halting Problem, Reducing one Undecidable Problem to another, Undecidable Problems for Recursively Enumerable languages, The post correspondence problem : Indecidable problems for context free languages, Recursive function, Primitives recursive functions, Ackermanris functions, recursive functions, Post Systems : Rewriting systems : Matrix grammars, Markor Algorithms.

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